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About Us

Creativeconnection is a graphic design studio specialized in the creation of professional Brand Identities. We develop online and print projects putting more than ten years of experience at your disposal and offer a wide range of services in the field of visual communication. Our mission is to deliver beautiful and functional projects guided by our expertise and the passion for our work.

Brand History

In 2008 we decided to create a network of professionals working in Visual Communication and started brainstorming to come up with some good ideas for our new brand.

After discussing different options we selected two keywords to best represent our concept: creative and connection. The word creative has been identified as the philosophy at the base of all our projects, which one being to create something beautiful and original driven by passion. The word connection was selected to highlight our organizational structure based on the collaboration between freelancers.

As our name was born, we had to design a logo capable of reflecting such values. From start we looked for something simple and easy to remember.

We began to put down some ideas on paper trying to visually represent the concept and found inspiration in the shape of the Molecule. While playing around with the typography we noticed that negative part of the C letter looked really close to the molecule’s structure. Since the initial letters of creative connection were two C, we figured that by reflecting one of them and combining them together would create a perfect representation.

The next step has been the typeface selection. After searching trough different typologies we decided to use Avantgarde Gothic as it would allow us to obtain a more geometrical shape.

Finally we looked at the sky and choose it’s light blue color to represent the values of creativity and communication. And our story began…

Worldwide Projects

Thanks to our consolidated online network we have been developing projects for companies based all over the world such as Italy, Spain, France, United Kingdom, Netherlands, Germany, Serbia, United States, Mexico, Perù and United Arab Emirates.


Since meeting Daniel with Creative Connection there is not a visual project I approach without their input. I have worked with Creative Connection on over a dozen projects varying in size and I have always been extremely happy with the the end result and timeliness of delivery. If you lucky enough to meet them, you’ll know what I mean. Thanks for everything!!

K. Wallace – Rocky Point Best – Mexico

I had the opportunity to work with Creativeconnection on multiple web site projects, some of those of maximum importance for my organization, such as the re-design of our Home Page. I am impressed not only by the professionality and the care for the details, but also by the sincere passion for both the job and the technology behind it. I warmly recommend Creativeconnection to every web project manager.

C. Sartori – BirdLife International –  Cambridge UK

Collaborate with Cretiveconnection proved to be a successful experience: from the deep understanding of our needs, to the novelty brought to a classical publication, to accuracy in the execution of the project. We enjoyed working with them and we were delighted by the result.

V. Camniades – Uff. Prov. Autonoma Bolzano – Bruxelles

Creativeconnection are perfectionists: they don’t stop until both parts are 100% satisfied. They respect the objectives and criteria of the client and at the same time they are proactive and have a stylish taste. I couldn’t be more satisfied.

M. Beltran – Barcelona Drone Center – Barcelona

Having Milena and Daniel as business partners is an absolute guarantee of success. They listened to my vision very carefully and immediately understood which were my deep needs, building from scratches my brand, corporate image and website. Along the process we worked as a team and we had real fun: brain storming, sharing, creating and improving in every single interaction. I let their creativity soar and they exceeded my expectations.

Valerio Caponetti – International Mindset and Business Consultant – Tenerife

We have started working with creativeconnection a couple of years ago to relaunch a new website and the result was great. With their professional and quick way of working and their inputs we got exactly the website we were hoping for. We will continue to update our website over the coming years and look forward to another great collaboration.

Ines Giovanett – Castelfeder Winery – Italy

Creativeconnection delivered my company a very professional work, respecting the agreed timing.
We are also fully satisfied with the technical assistance provided

A. Licata – Founder of Talenteco – Berlin

Creativeconection is a very good Web Design Agency, they are careful, always available and they keep following their projects also after their delivery helping less experienced users to maintain their website updated!

M. Piccolin – Founder of Psychology Studio Piccolin – Italy